Originally from Finland, Katja was always bound to be a designer. Showing her creative flair from a very young age, her family nurtured & encouraged Katja's use of imagination and explorative nature.  Throughout her childhood she spent countless hours in front of her sketchbook, most of the time immersed in her own vivid & surreal world.

Her true passion for jewelry design revealed itself when she decided to learn some basic skills of metalwork. Amazed by the possibilities of seemingly rigid materials, she continued learning by attending every workshop possible. It became evident that she wanted to pursue this further and went on to study Jewelry and Object Design at Enmore Design Centre in Sydney, Australia.

Throughout her time at Enmore, Katja learned invaluable skills on how to focus her creative energy towards design allowing her to explore different possibilities and guiding her to fine tune her own individual aesthetics.

After finishing her studies Katja created her own label, VILUND. Presenting unique pieces of beautiful elegant jewelry that fuses intrinsically Nordic elements with contemporary design. VILUND is jewelry that goes beyond what is already on offer, inspired by her travels and the quintessential beauty of all beings and nature.